When You Get Older: A Practical & Creative Guide


Ellen F. Rubenson has worked in the field of social services and healthcare for over 30 years. She is the author of, When You Get Older, Where Will You Live?, available in paperback via Amazon.com and the self-help book, When Aging Parents Can’t Live Alone. Ellen has published several short stories and travel articles.

When You Get Older, Where Will You Live?: A Practical and Creative Guide is available in paperback and Kindle ebook versions via amazon.com.

As I interact with numerous older family members and friends as well as patients in my practice, When You Get Older Where Will You Live? helped me answer their questions about where they might live. Its thoughtful presentation of information guided me toward informed decisions regarding life choices for those in both my personal life and my professional life. I highly recommend this book as an essential reference guide for everyone – boomers, his or her parents, caregivers and professionals.

– Dawn L. Shogren, MD, PA (board certified adult psychiatrist), former assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

As the baby boomer generation enters retirement, concerns grow about realistic lifestyle options and getting by financially, although research indicates that many boomers are in denial and unprepared. Ellen Rubenson’s book takes us through the questions everyone planning for retirement should honestly answer before having serious conversations with their financial advisors and family members, armed with the foresight needed to make clear-eyed decisions.

– Echo E. Fields, PhD. Associate Professor of Sociology, Southern Oregon University